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Cactus, opus 680
Cactus, opus 680

Modern origami is a unique sculptural art. Each origami design must be individually folded; there is no mass-production process. My designs are folded from selected papers, some of which I have made myself, others obtained from master artisans, each paper chosen to complement the design and composition. All of the art pieces on display in the galleries are my own compositions. The work to the right is my newest composition; click on the image, or any of the sections below, to learn more.


Origami, like music, permits both composition and performance as expressions of the art. Over the past 35 years, I have developed over 480 original origami compositions. About a quarter of these have been published with folding instructions, which, in origami, serve the same purpose that a musical score does: it provides a guide to the performer (in origami, the folder) while allowing the performer to express his or her own personality through interpretation and variation. A collection of my designs can be found in the galleries listed on this page.

Commercial Art

Origami can be used effectively in web, print, and television advertising and I have created commissioned pieces for several print, television, and animation projects. If you know what you want, I can probably fold it in origami. If you are looking for ideas, feel free to browse through the galleries for ideas. For commercial commissions, i.e., those used in advertising or other commercial purposes, usage fees apply and their magnitude depends on the form of usage, circulation of the publication, and level of exclusivity desired. Pricing is specific to the job, but I generally follow the guidelines of the Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing and Ethical Guidelines. Commercial work can also include custom folding instructions, although this is generally only practical for simpler models.

Collector Art

I do most of my work on commission, both for commercial usage and for private collectors. Commissions include both works based on existing designs and original design commissions.

While most of the works shown on the website have been sold or are committed to exhibitions, I am happy to take on commissions based on any of these designs. Each origami figure is folded by hand (unlike, for example, prints, there is no way to mass-produce artistic origami), and so each origami figure, even if based on an existing design, is a unique original figure. Commissioned works based on existing designs are priced individually by request and typically run between $200-1500.

Original design commissions are priced individually, and typically range from $500 to $3000, depending on the particular subject and its complexity. Size and paper requirements also play a role: monumental origami (origami in large scale) can be several thousand dollars for the complete project, and not all subjects foldable at small scale can make the transition to large size.

For all commissioned work please contact me for price and availability.

Metal Sculptures

In 1999, I had some of my origami cast in bronze for a permanent installation in Santa Monica, California, and in 2008, began casting further works, both solo and in collaboration with Kevin Box. Bronze casting of origami provides a permanent sculptural rendition of the unique statement of single-sheet origami artwork. Click here for a description of these works with pricing and links to purchase.

Crease Patterns

Origami crease patterns (CPs) are 2-D artwork based on the pattern of folds that would result if you unfolded the origami figure (or, more often, if you unfolded the base). They play multiple roles in the origami art world: to the origami artist, they can be a design aid; to a folder, they can provide a glimpse into the mind of the artist. I find them beautiful in their complexity and pattern and have used my own crease patterns as standalone artworks (see here for some examples) and as an alternative portal into the origami creation. click here for a gallery of many of my CPs.

Monumental Origami

Monumental origami is origami folded at large scale, from several feet to several meters in size. Click here for a description and some pictures of monumental works I have done. If you're interested in commissioning a monumental figure, contact me to discuss details.


I have exhibited my work at a number of one-man and group exhibitions over the past 15 years. Click here for a listing of recent and upcoming shows.

Demonstrations, Workshops, and Lectures

I regularly give talks about origami and its connections to art, mathematics, science, and technology, to audiences ranging from art aficionados, students, designers, and engineers. Click here for a listing of recent and upcoming appearances open to the public. I also give private talks and workshops to corporate design organizations; contact me to discuss details.

Design Challenge

For many years, I and several other origami composers have engaged in an informal design challenge, in which we all attempted to compose a new version of the same subject. Click here for a description and some pictures of various entries.