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  • In October, 2005, I was contacted by MJZ, a production company in Los Angeles, who were working on a new commercial about the Mitsubishi Endeavor SUV for the advertising firm BBDO. BBDO's concept was to have the car drive through an "origami world." They needed an origami artist to design and fold the origami figures to populate the world of the commercial.
  • I have created a range of commissioned works for commercial projects, some of which are shown on this page. They illustrate just a bit of what is possible with origami used for commercial advertising.
  • From 2004–2010, a design challenge was held at the OrigamiUSA Annual Convention. Here's how it came about.
  • The 2010 challenge was: Cars and Trucks. In recent years, we've stuck with the natural world, but this year we decied to visit man-made objects.
  • The 2009 design challenge was one of the four nonhuman great apes: Gorilla, Orangutan, Chimpanzee, or Bonobo.
  • The 2008 design challenge was a prehistoric non-dino from an uncut square.
  • The 2007 design challenge was to fold an entire plant from an uncut square.
  • The 2006 design challenge was "sailing ships."
  • The 2005 OrigamiUSA design challenge: hermit crabs.
  • A small design challenge held at the OrigamiUSA 2004 Convention.