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  • Since 1989, there have been several highly successful international scientific conferences exploring the interactions between origami, mathematics, science, and (since 2001) education.
  • The Fourth International Conference on Origami in Science, Mathematics, and Education, was held at the California Institute of Technology in 2006.
  • From 2004–2010, a design challenge was held at the OrigamiUSA Annual Convention. Here's how it came about.
  • The 2010 challenge was: Cars and Trucks. In recent years, we've stuck with the natural world, but this year we decied to visit man-made objects.
  • The 2009 design challenge was one of the four nonhuman great apes: Gorilla, Orangutan, Chimpanzee, or Bonobo.
  • The 2008 design challenge was a prehistoric non-dino from an uncut square.
  • The 2007 design challenge was to fold an entire plant from an uncut square.
  • The 2006 design challenge was "sailing ships."
  • The 2005 OrigamiUSA design challenge: hermit crabs.
  • A small design challenge held at the OrigamiUSA 2004 Convention.