Twists, Tilings, and Tessellations: Mathematical Methods for Geometric Origami


(2017) The mathematics of twists, tilings, tessellations, and other geometric folding.

The figures in this book include photographs, vector art (created in my trusty old Adobe Freehand), and computed images created in Wolfram Mathematica, using my general-purpose origami design/analysis package, Tessellatica. Linked below are notebooks that include code that creates all of the Mathematica-computed figures in the book (as well as Tessellatica packages of varying vintages). You are welcome to download them, run the code to (re)generate figures, and make modifications if you'd like to create something similar to a figure in the book.

We try our darnedest to expunge all errors in proofreading, but a few slipped through. Known errors are corrected here.