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Miscellaneous Links

This page contains various and sundry links to international origami societies and other origami resources on the web. See here for links relating specifically to mathematical and scientific origami. Please let me know if you find any broken links. Origami Societies These are the largest international origami societies. The linked pages also have links to […]

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Origami Suppliers

The Origami Source Everyone’s first stop for origami supplies should be The Origami Source, OrigamiUSA’s own one-stop shop for books, paper, and related origami supplies. The Source carries books and paper from around the world, offers a unique file download store selling books and magazines in PDF form, and has friendly and great customer service. […]

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I am often asked what kind of paper to use for origami. There is no single answer; it depends on what you’re folding. On this page, I’ll talk a little bit about the most common types of paper for origami and my own experiences with them. Traditional Papers Found Paper One of the things that […]

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