Power of Sports, Origami

Posted April 29, 2019

An audio interview with BYU Radio. Also on their page: links to interviews with John Collins, “the paper airplane guy,” and Spencer Magleby, one of my collaborators in the department of mechanical engineering at BYU.

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There’s an Origami Revolution in Industrial Design

Posted April 23, 2019

Smithsonian’s online magazine did a nice story about the applications of origami to technology, which gave some nice shout-outs to me and some of my collaborators, including folks at BYU, MIT, JPL, and others.

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Origami artist Robert J. Lang combines art and science to create masterpieces

Posted March 21, 2019

An article from The Burg, the local paper of Lynchburg.

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From cranes to cuckoo clocks, a new technique helping origami masters

Posted February 23, 2019

Sydney Morning Herald wrote an article in connection with my lectures and workshops as part of The Poladian Project (in honor of the late professor Leon Poladian) at the University of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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Travel Channel China

Posted January 18, 2019

Travel Channel China put together a short presentation of my work in their episode “Go As Far As You Can,” which aired in January 2019. My work starts at about 19:00. (Needs the Adobe Flash plugin to view.)

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Kent Presents: Lecture and interview by Harold Varmus

Posted November 2, 2018

A lecture by me, followed by an interview by Harold Varmus on the connections between origami, math, science, and technology.

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Q&A: Robert Lang, origami master

Posted September 18, 2018

A Q&A with Physics Today on my transition from physics to origami (which, considering the amount of math and technology working its way into origami, now seems to have come full circle).

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Cool Jobs: The art of paper folding is inspiring science

Posted August 29, 2018

Rachel Crowell writes about people who are apply origami in their real-life jobs to solve real-world engineering problems.

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“Kent Presents” lecture review on “Why Evolution is True”

Posted August 24, 2018

In August, I gave a presentation at Kent Presents, a conference put on by Ben and Donna Rosen. The conference was wonderful, and I got to see and hear many great talks and meet several people whose work and writings I’d followed from afar. One of them was Jerry Coyne, Professor Emeritus at University of Chicago, whose website and book, “Why Evolution is True,” I’ve read (and occasionally contributed wildlife photos to). Jerry spoke the same day as me at Kent Presents and reviewed that day (and my talk) on his website.

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6 ways the ancient art of origami is bringing us the future

Posted August 8, 2018

Edd Gent at NBC News writes about six cool applications of origami (some of which I had a hand in).

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The Art of Origami – Interview with Robert J. Lang

Posted July 7, 2018

An interview on origami art and design.

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Best museum exhibits in the U.S. this spring

Posted April 11, 2018

USA Today profiles the 25 best museum exhibitions of the year, including Into the Fold: The Art and Science of Origami at Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City.

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Chinese game show “Superbrain” features origami [in Chinese]

Posted April 8, 2018

In March 2018 I was invited to Nanjing, China, to be one of the “course-setters” for a Chinese game show, “Superbrain”, in which two teams of contestants compete in various types of mental challenge, and the one I was involved in required examining origami crease patterns with spots on them and estimating how many of the spots would be visible on the outside of the folded model.

You have to wait through out 45 seconds of commercials to get to the show. The origami stuff starts showing up at about 40:00 in.

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Artist Kevin Box brings origami-inspired sculptures to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Posted April 2, 2018

An article about my collaborator, Kevin Box, and the “Origami in the Garden” exhibition containing our work.

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Science Museum Oklahoma’s new exhibit ‘Into the Fold’ reveals ‘The Art and Science of Origami’

Posted March 18, 2018

Science Museum Oklahoma’s new exhibit “Into the Fold: The Art and Science of Origami,” features a wide array of origami creations (including some of mine). Photos and video are at the link below.

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Fantastic Beasts and How to Fold Them

Posted March 15, 2018

A nice blog interview by Nino.

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Art the Science Blog

Posted January 27, 2018

An interview.

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Origami art folded into new scramble intersection markings

Posted January 20, 2018

Santa Monica Daily Press reports on the bronze sculptures and crease patterns that I did back in 1999 for four intersections in Santa Monica.

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Q&A: Robert Lang, origami master

Posted January 8, 2018

Physics Today magazine did a Q&A with me on my transition from physics to origami.

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Origami Live: British Origami Society 50th Anniversary Guests Interview

Posted September 29, 2017

At the BOS 50th Anniversary Convention (and incidentally, the 50th anniversary of my own involvement with origami), I sat down with Paul Jackson, Tomoko Fuse, and Giang Dinh (fellow guests of the convention) to talk about origami art and how it has changed and evolved.

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Readily Random Podcast

Posted September 14, 2017

A podcast interview with Larry Roberts.

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Origami meets math in new Trout Museum exhibit

Posted August 18, 2017

An article about my 2017 exhibition at the Trout Museum of Art in Appleton, WI.

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Origami Master: Robert J. Lang

Posted July 17, 2017

A profile by professional videographer Christopher Helkey.

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Origami Masterworks: Innovative forms in the art of paper folding

Posted July 14, 2017

A documentary on the groundbreaking 2003 exhibition of origami at the Mingei Museum in San Diego, which was one of the early major exhibitions of origami in a fine art space.

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Podcast: “The Limit Does Not Exist”

Posted April 27, 2017

I did a podcast interview on origami, math, and a couple of origami artists I like.

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Robert Lang – Origami – Entrevista com Marcio Okabe

Posted April 5, 2017

During a recent trip to Brazil, I did an interview with a Brazilian origami aficionado, Marcio Okabe. His introduction is in Portuguese, but when we get into the interview, it’s in English.

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Atlas Obscura: Origami Intersections

Posted March 29, 2017

Atlas Obscura, the web’s best destination for cool places to visit in person, adds a page about one of the first professional origami projects I did: crease patterns and bronze sculptures at four intersections in the City of Santa Monica. The project was the brainchild of Robin Brailsford, of Brailsford Studio.

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Posted March 25, 2017

A short interview put together by Sinovision (with Chinese subtitles).

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TheWorkNotWork Show interview: Tamir Moscovici

Posted March 24, 2017

Terrence Gannon interviewed documentary filmmaker Tamir Moscovici and to promote it showed some stills from the film that show my work in this Instagram posting.

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Why origami machines may unlock secrets of Mars and the universe

Posted March 23, 2017

An article by Charlie Wood for the Christian Science Monitor about applications of origami to space structures and mechanisms.

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CNN’s “Great Big Story”

Posted March 16, 2017

CNN did an interview with me in which they showed (and I talked about) connections between math, science, origami, and art. See also their Facebook posting.

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PBS NOVA: “The Origami Revolution”

Posted February 9, 2017

PBS’s landmark series NOVA devoted an entire episode to the applications of origami in science, engineering, and technology. Based on the French/German documentary, “The Origami Code.”

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Interview: The Commonwealth Club

Posted October 30, 2016

An interview organized by The Commonwealth Club of Silicon Valley, held on October 26, 2016 in Palo Alto, CA.

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Hsu Untied: a podcast series

Posted May 31, 2016

An audio interview with Richard Hsu.

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Longmont origami exhibit is ‘Above the Fold’

Posted March 31, 2016

Chelsea Abdullah at Boulder Weekly writes about the “Above the Fold” exhibition at the Longmont Museum in Boulder, CO. Leads with a nice photo of my “Pentasia,” with Vincent Floderer’s fish swimming overhead.

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Tiny Origami-Inspired Devices for Microsurgery

Posted March 3, 2016

My colleagues at Brigham Young University are making some remarkable micro-surgical devices based on origami concepts and mechanisms.

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Why Origami is the Latest New Mindfulness Craze

Posted January 10, 2016

Laura Freeman of The Telegraph finds that origami is pushing aside coloring as a stress relaxer and talks to several different origami artists.

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Origami blends math, art and tradition at the Boise Art Museum

Posted October 23, 2015

Dana Oland writes about the “Folding Paper: Infinite Possibilities” exhibition at the Boise Art Museum.

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Origami Inspires New Ways to Fold Curved Objects

Posted August 24, 2015

Andrew Silver writes for about folding curved surfaces.

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Physicist’s hyperrealistic origami art bridges nature, math and science

Posted June 30, 2015

A nice profile by

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Origami Master Robert Lang, in the making of “Check”

Posted October 9, 2014

A “making-of” video, showing the work I did to develop a set of origami-themed commercial videos. It involved both designing origami figures and hand-modeling their folding.

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The Unfolding Evolution of Origami

Posted August 18, 2014

A live radio interview on the Colin McEnroe show on WNPR. There’s an audio link on the web page.

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From Robots to Retinas: 9 Amazing Origami Applications

Posted August 7, 2014

douglas main at Popular Science talks about applications of origami and shows work from a variety of artists and scientists.

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In Time-Lapse Videos, the Magic Unfolds

Posted July 10, 2014

Robert Ito at the New York Times writes about the modern art of origami and the evolution of online tutorials and resources. Contains a slideshow with images from my exhibition at Art Center.

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Art Folds Into Science In Robert Lang’s Extreme Origami

Posted June 25, 2014

Susan Karlin of Fast Company writes about my origami and shows some imagery from the exhibition at Art Center.

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Robert Lang: Art and Science

Posted June 23, 2014

An interview I gave at the Origami in Art and Engineering workshop at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014.

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A physicist’s excursion into the deep art and science of origami

Posted June 18, 2014

Larry Wilson at the Los Angeles Daily News writes about origami and my exhibition at Art Center.

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Robert Lang: Intro to Students

Posted June 3, 2014

Part II of an interview I gave at the Origami in Art and Engineering workshop at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014.

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Robert Lang: Origami Applications

Posted June 3, 2014

Part III of an interview I gave at the Origami in Art and Engineering workshop at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2014.

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June, 2014 Events at the intersection of science and culture (New York Times)

Posted May 26, 2014

Exhibitions on origami, including mine (and a photo of my scorpion)

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Paper Perfect: Robert Lang and the Science of Origami

Posted May 1, 2014

In February 2014, Joshua Foer interviewed me. Virginia Quarterly Review published a transcript of the conversation.

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Origami master Robert J. Lang and sculptor Kevin Box unfold the Pegasus

Posted April 11, 2014

Just what the title says! We proved that our Pegasus was folded from a single uncut square by unfolding one live.

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Brought Into the Fold of Robert Lang’s Origami

Posted March 17, 2014

An interview and photos on

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Students use ancient art of origami to innovate

Posted March 16, 2014

KSL (the local NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City) ran a story on the origami work at BYU, where I do some consulting/collaboration.

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Above the Fold: Mathematica Transforms Ancient Art of Origami

Posted February 24, 2014

Wolfram Research does a short feature on how I use Mathematica to create (some) origami designs, including tessellations.

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Robert J. Lang Origami: Original Approach and Unique Designs

Posted February 23, 2014

AstrumPeople interviews me.

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KAZ: Pushing The Virtual Divide – Gran Turismo Documentary (Full Movie)

Posted February 6, 2014

A 2014 film by documentarian Tamir Moscovici about the Playstation game “Gran Turismo” and creativity. I and some origami show up at the 25:00 point in the video. There’s also a Vimeo link here.

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Origami in Space: BYU-designed solar arrays inspired by origami

Posted November 27, 2013

For several years from 2012 onward, I worked with researchers at the Compliant Mechanisms Laboratory at Brigham Young University, developing origami-based and origami-inspired mechanisms. This video shows some of our work, include a concept for a NASA solar array based on the “flasher” concept developed by Chris Palmer, Jeremy Shafer, David Huffman, Simon Guest, and others.

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Folding on the water

Posted September 14, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of going on a Lindblad Expeditions cruise in Southeast Alaska where I saw more amazing wildlife that I could have ever imagined. During lulls between bubble-netting humpbacks and beachcombing brown bears, National Geographic photographer Rich Reid was giving tips, techniques, and demonstrations, and at one point he set up a time-lapse of me folding belowdecks.

Rich is a fan of surf music; background provided by Surf Report, used with permission.

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Rethinking origami as “Folding Paper”

Posted July 4, 2013

The opening of the “Folding Paper” exhibition in Sacramento. Shows a few of my works in the show.

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BBC Radio: Boston Calling

Posted July 1, 2013

BBC World Service does a quick interview as part of their half-hour show.

No Longer Available

PRI’s The World: International Origami Artists Push the Boundaries

Posted June 25, 2013

PRI does a report on the OrigamiUSA Annual Convention. There’s an audio interview link at the top of the page.

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Paper Tale: The Life of an Origami Artist

Posted June 19, 2013

NPR’s Science Friday

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Caltech: Knowing when to Fold ‘Em

Posted November 18, 2012

An NSF-funded project I’m working on with Azita Emami and colleagues at Caltech.

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Origami Master Robert J.Lang and Sculptor Kevin Box Unfold their Bison Collaboration

Posted August 6, 2012

Kevin Box and I unfold a Bison. Yes, it’s really a single uncut square.

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Collegiate Times: Artist folds science into origami

Posted June 27, 2012

In June, I lectured at the IUPAC World Polymer Congress on (what else?) connections between origami, art, math, and science.

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Robert J. Lang: The Art of Origami

Posted May 31, 2012

A brief interview about origami, math, and their connections.

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PIMS Chats with Robert Lang

Posted May 16, 2012

A visit to the Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences.

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New UCSC origami exhibit examines the intersection of math and the ancient Japanese art of folding paper

Posted April 8, 2012

The UCSC exhibition opens.

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Paper Shapers

Posted April 4, 2012

More about the UCSC exhibition, with interviews with Erik Demaine and myself.

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Origami on a monumental scale

Posted March 27, 2012

A review of a lecture I gave at Lafayette Library.

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Origami Math: Computational artists to show off paper masterpieces in tribute to UCSC professor

Posted March 16, 2012

Article about an exhibition I’m in at UC Santa Cruz (along with Erik Demaine, Brian Chan, and a work by the late great Eric Joisel).

No Longer Available

East Bay origami master gets Google boost

Posted March 14, 2012

Discusses the Google Doodle and associated art stuff.

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Adding an Origami Doodle to the Fold

Posted March 13, 2012

The Google Doodle for March 14, 2012, honored Akira Yoshizawa by folding their logo from origami. I designed and folded it. See also here and here.

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Humble paper becomes high art in hands of East Bay origami master

Posted March 12, 2012

An article about me in my old stomping ground (Silicon Valley)’s paper. There’s a slideshow here (which starts off with a mysterious 10-year-old photo).

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Opening of the 9th Mathematics Conference of Higher Colleges of Technology in Abu Dhabi [in Arabic]

Posted March 1, 2012

My visit to Abu Dhabi, in United Arab Emirates, and a lecture presented at the Higher Colleges of Technology.

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American applied the art for telescope better than Hubble

Posted November 4, 2011

A brief interview with me about origami’s similarity to music and a description of the Eyeglass. (The headline is a bit overstated, I’d say.)

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The Mind-Bending Artistry of Robert Lang

Posted May 1, 2011

An article with pictures from the Stanford Alumni Magazine.

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Artist of the Week: Robert J. Lang

Posted January 14, 2011

Pictures and a short interview.

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Green Fuse Films: Between the Folds

Posted December 1, 2009

Home page of Green Fuse Films, the producers of the Peabody award-winning origami documentary, “Between the Folds”. Read all about the film, see an excerpt and some production stills, and order a DVD.

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A Giant Origami Forest for Conservation International

Posted November 24, 2009

An origami forest folded by me and Linda Mihara for Conservation International, event hosted by Harrison Ford

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Sharp Objex: Art Interview with Robert J. Lang

Posted September 19, 2009

An interview and pictures of some of my origami work.

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The Big Idea: Extreme Origami (National Geographic)

Posted September 15, 2009

An article and pictures of origami and its applications to science and technology, include a project I worked on, and a photograph and crease pattern for “Alamo Stallion, opus 384”.

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Origami updated for the 21st century

Posted December 8, 2008

An article and pictures from the British newspaper Metro.

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Systm: Insane Origami

Posted September 15, 2008

An internet TV interview on technical design, laser scribing, and satellites in origami.

2018-08-07: It’s gone. Link below leads to the Wayback Machine cache.

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The Amazing Origami of Robert Lang

Posted June 26, 2008

A video presentation from Wired Magazine.

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iPath Ad: the Making Of iPath Origami

Posted June 16, 2008

In 2008 I designed and folded some figures for an ad for a financial instrument. The producers put together this little “making-of” information.

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New York Times: Masters of Origami and Shapers of the Lifelike

Posted May 25, 2008

A review in the New York Times of the “Paper Transformed” exhibition at the Parrish Museum, which includes some of my work.

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Origami Master

Posted April 21, 2008

Diablo Magazine has a nice article with a bunch of pictures of my work.

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One Sheet of Paper and a Lot of Patience

Posted April 14, 2008

Debbie Hadley’s blog talks about my origami insects.

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Origami Transformed

Posted April 7, 2008

An article about computational origami, with appearances by me, Brian Chan, and Erik Demaine.

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Illustration Revealed: Interview — Robert J. Lang

Posted March 26, 2008

A short interview with blogger and scientific illustrator Janet Chao.

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KGO ABC 7 News, “Taking origami into the future” [video]

Posted March 23, 2008

A short interview that shows some of my laser-scribed origami figures.

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CNN, “Science of origami”

Posted March 6, 2008

A 4-minute interview with Kristie Lu Stout about how I use mathematical principles in origami design.

2018-08-07: It’s gone.

No Longer Available

TED 2008 Conference Review

Posted February 29, 2008

At the end of March I gave a talk at the TED conference in Monterey. This is a brief review.

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Square—Folds—Life: Contemporary Origami by Robert J. Lang

Posted February 1, 2008

A video made in connection with my exhibition at the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 2008.

See Full Story Idea + Square = Origami

Posted February 1, 2008

In March, 2008, I was invited to give an 18-minute talk at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in Monterey. Here’s my talk.

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Folding the Mac into Origami

Posted January 27, 2008

Most of my origami computer work has been done on some flavor of Macintosh computer. tells you about it.

Archived by The Wayback Machine.

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CBS News Sunday Morning

Posted December 24, 2007

This links to a video segment that CBS produced on a visit to my studio and to the Mingei Museum in San Diego, where I folded a monumental dragon.

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Wired Science, “The Origami Master” [video]

Posted October 20, 2007

A 5-minute segment on my work using computational origami to design art and technological objects.

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Contra Costa Times, “Physicist leaves artistic paper trail”

Posted October 16, 2007

Writer Jennifer Modenessi interviewed me for our local newspaper group.

No Longer Available

New Yorker online, “Know When to Fold ‘Em”

Posted October 15, 2007

Here Susan Orlean talks about the preceding article.

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The Institute (IEEE), “The Physics of Folding Paper”

Posted October 12, 2007

A profile by Anna Bogdanowicz.

No Longer Available

Interview with Origami Master Robert Lang [in German]

Posted August 30, 2007

An interview I did with the German TV station NZZ. I’m speaking in English, but the voiceover is German.

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Smithsonian Magazine, “Into the Fold”

Posted June 8, 2007

Smithsonian writer Beth Jensen wrote an article about me, circle packing, and modern origami design.

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Folding the Giant Pteranodon

Posted April 20, 2007

A writeup and series of progress photographs from my folding of a 16-foot wingspan origami Pteranodon for a permanent installation at the Redpath Museum of Natural History at McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

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New York Times Magazine, “An Origami Flag”

Posted April 18, 2007

The Times Magazine asked 10 artists to design “green” flags to illustrate Thomas L. Friedman’s cover story. Here’s how I created mine.

No Longer Available

New Yorker Magazine, “The Origami Lab”

Posted February 19, 2007

New Yorker writer Susan Orlean (“The Orchid Thief”) wrote an article about me, the Bug Wars, and the modern world of origami.

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Assyrian Bull at the University of Chicago

Posted December 1, 2006

The University of Chicago Magazine commissioned an origami sculpture of a statue at the Oriental Institute. This articles describes my design process and shows the result.

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Virgin America’s “Name Our Planes” website

Posted October 23, 2006

In 2006, I was commissioned to design an origami version of an Airbus A320 for a Virgin America promotion. You can download instructions to fold your own airplane (and put your name on it) here.

No Longer Available

Discover Magazine, “Extreme Origami”

Posted June 21, 2006

An article by Discover magazine writer Jennifer Kahn about technical folding and its practitioners, including me.

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Gathering 4 Gardner 7 Conference

Posted April 3, 2006

This article from the New York Times describes the Gathering 4 Gardner 7 Conference in Atlanta, which featured magicians, puzzlists, mathematicians — and origami.

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In The Fold: Origami Meets Mathematics

Posted December 25, 2005

Barry Cipra’s article for SIAM News appeared in 2001, reviewing some of the work presented at the 3rd Origami Science and Mathematics Meeting in 2001.

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Open Source Conference: Presentation

Posted August 8, 2005

A video interview from the 2005 Game Developer’s Conference in San Jose.

No Longer Available

Open Source Conference 2005: Know When to Fold ‘Em

Posted August 8, 2005

Here’s an article about a talk I gave at the 2005 O’Reilly Open Source Conference (OSCON) in Portland.

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The Sentinel

Posted April 5, 2005

An article in our local paper about my exhibition at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in 2003.

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The Mathematics of Paper Folding: An Interview with Robert Lang

Posted March 1, 2005

An interview by Margaret Wertheim for Cabinet Magazine. The magazine itself is behind a paywall, but you can read the interview on the Institute for Figuring’s own website at the link.

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Patriot Ledger

Posted December 8, 2004

The Patriot Ledger’s take on the same lecture and visit.

See Archived Story

The Connection

Posted November 17, 2004

A radio call-in show on which I appeared in 2004.

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Boston Globe

Posted November 11, 2004

A nice article in the Boston Globe about the public lecture I gave during my
artist-in-residence at MIT.

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Artist in Residence at MIT

Posted November 10, 2004

In 2004 I was invited to be artist-in-residence at MIT, where I worked with Professor Erik Demaine and taught several workshops on origami composition and design.

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The Institute for Figuring

Posted October 26, 2004

This is an advertisement for a talk I gave in Los Angeles about the mathematics and science of origami. It contains some interesting downloads, and links to further articles in LA Weekly and The New York Times about origami and mathematics.

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Complexity Increases (Again)

Posted June 8, 2004

In 1989, I wrote an article for the Caltech magazine Engineering & Science
about the burgeoning field of technical folding and made a couple of speculations about the future. In 2004, I revisited the topic in this article and how some of the wilder speculations had actually come to pass.

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Posted May 10, 2004

An article in ComputerWorld magazine about some of the scientific connections to origami.

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Quark Soup: Beyond the Fold

Posted January 22, 2004

Margaret Wertheim’s column in the Los Angeles Weekly surveys various topics in technology and popular culture. This column talks about technical origami, including work by Hull, Kamiya, Mosely, me, and others.

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California Connected

Posted January 1, 2004

A TV appearance I made for a local PBS station, on a program hosted by Sydnie Kohara. There’s a link to streaming video of the show.

No Longer Available

Posted June 2, 2002

An article about the Livermore Eyeglass telescope and the work that I did on it.

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Wired Magazine

Posted March 8, 2000

Wired magazine did a nice two-page spread of my composite (multi-sheet) composition, Allosaurus Skeleton. The link above gives the photo caption,
but no photograph, but you can see the actual thing here.

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Posted November 28, 1999

This article by Dana Mackenzie describes several of the new directions of origami, including work by Jeremy Shafer, myself, and others.

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