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Kent Presents: Lecture and interview by Harold Varmus

Posted November 2, 2018

A lecture by me, followed by an interview by Harold Varmus on the connections between origami, math, science, and technology.

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6 ways the ancient art of origami is bringing us the future

Posted August 8, 2018

Edd Gent at NBC News writes about six cool applications of origami (some of which I had a hand in).

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CNN’s “Great Big Story”

Posted March 16, 2017

CNN did an interview with me in which they showed (and I talked about) connections between math, science, origami, and art. See also their Facebook posting.

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PBS NOVA: “The Origami Revolution”

Posted February 9, 2017

PBS’s landmark series NOVA devoted an entire episode to the applications of origami in science, engineering, and technology. Based on the French/German documentary, “The Origami Code.”

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Origami in Space: BYU-designed solar arrays inspired by origami

Posted November 27, 2013

For several years from 2012 onward, I worked with researchers at the Compliant Mechanisms Laboratory at Brigham Young University, developing origami-based and origami-inspired mechanisms. This video shows some of our work, include a concept for a NASA solar array based on the “flasher” concept developed by Chris Palmer, Jeremy Shafer, David Huffman, Simon Guest, and others.

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Folding on the water

Posted September 14, 2013

I recently had the pleasure of going on a Lindblad Expeditions cruise in Southeast Alaska where I saw more amazing wildlife that I could have ever imagined. During lulls between bubble-netting humpbacks and beachcombing brown bears, National Geographic photographer Rich Reid was giving tips, techniques, and demonstrations, and at one point he set up a time-lapse of me folding belowdecks.

Rich is a fan of surf music; background provided by Surf Report, used with permission.

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Adding an Origami Doodle to the Fold

Posted March 13, 2012

The Google Doodle for March 14, 2012, honored Akira Yoshizawa by folding their logo from origami. I designed and folded it. See also here and here.

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Green Fuse Films: Between the Folds

Posted December 1, 2009

Home page of Green Fuse Films, the producers of the Peabody award-winning origami documentary, “Between the Folds”. Read all about the film, see an excerpt and some production stills, and order a DVD.

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A Giant Origami Forest for Conservation International

Posted November 24, 2009

An origami forest folded by me and Linda Mihara for Conservation International, event hosted by Harrison Ford

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Posted February 1, 2008

In March, 2008, I was invited to give an 18-minute talk at the TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference in Monterey. Here’s my talk.

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Folding the Mac into Origami

Posted January 27, 2008

Most of my origami computer work has been done on some flavor of Macintosh computer. tells you about it.

Archived by The Wayback Machine.

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New Yorker online, “Know When to Fold ‘Em”

Posted October 15, 2007

Here Susan Orlean talks about the preceding article.

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Smithsonian Magazine, “Into the Fold”

Posted June 8, 2007

Smithsonian writer Beth Jensen wrote an article about me, circle packing, and modern origami design.

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New Yorker Magazine, “The Origami Lab”

Posted February 19, 2007

New Yorker writer Susan Orlean (“The Orchid Thief”) wrote an article about me, the Bug Wars, and the modern world of origami.

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