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Origami artist Robert J. Lang combines art and science to create masterpieces

Posted March 21, 2019

An article from The Burg, the local paper of Lynchburg.

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From cranes to cuckoo clocks, a new technique helping origami masters

Posted February 23, 2019

Sydney Morning Herald wrote an article in connection with my lectures and workshops as part of The Poladian Project (in honor of the late professor Leon Poladian) at the University of Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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Best museum exhibits in the U.S. this spring

Posted April 11, 2018

USA Today profiles the 25 best museum exhibitions of the year, including Into the Fold: The Art and Science of Origami at Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City.

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Artist Kevin Box brings origami-inspired sculptures to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Posted April 2, 2018

An article about my collaborator, Kevin Box, and the “Origami in the Garden” exhibition containing our work.

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Origami art folded into new scramble intersection markings

Posted January 20, 2018

Santa Monica Daily Press reports on the bronze sculptures and crease patterns that I did back in 1999 for four intersections in Santa Monica.

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Origami meets math in new Trout Museum exhibit

Posted August 18, 2017

An article about my 2017 exhibition at the Trout Museum of Art in Appleton, WI.

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Why origami machines may unlock secrets of Mars and the universe

Posted March 23, 2017

An article by Charlie Wood for the Christian Science Monitor about applications of origami to space structures and mechanisms.

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Longmont origami exhibit is ‘Above the Fold’

Posted March 31, 2016

Chelsea Abdullah at Boulder Weekly writes about the “Above the Fold” exhibition at the Longmont Museum in Boulder, CO. Leads with a nice photo of my “Pentasia,” with Vincent Floderer’s fish swimming overhead.

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Why Origami is the Latest New Mindfulness Craze

Posted January 10, 2016

Laura Freeman of The Telegraph finds that origami is pushing aside coloring as a stress relaxer and talks to several different origami artists.

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Origami blends math, art and tradition at the Boise Art Museum

Posted October 23, 2015

Dana Oland writes about the “Folding Paper: Infinite Possibilities” exhibition at the Boise Art Museum.

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In Time-Lapse Videos, the Magic Unfolds

Posted July 10, 2014

Robert Ito at the New York Times writes about the modern art of origami and the evolution of online tutorials and resources. Contains a slideshow with images from my exhibition at Art Center.

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A physicist’s excursion into the deep art and science of origami

Posted June 18, 2014

Larry Wilson at the Los Angeles Daily News writes about origami and my exhibition at Art Center.

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June, 2014 Events at the intersection of science and culture (New York Times)

Posted May 26, 2014

Exhibitions on origami, including mine (and a photo of my scorpion)

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Rethinking origami as “Folding Paper”

Posted July 4, 2013

The opening of the “Folding Paper” exhibition in Sacramento. Shows a few of my works in the show.

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Collegiate Times: Artist folds science into origami

Posted June 27, 2012

In June, I lectured at the IUPAC World Polymer Congress on (what else?) connections between origami, art, math, and science.

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New UCSC origami exhibit examines the intersection of math and the ancient Japanese art of folding paper

Posted April 8, 2012

The UCSC exhibition opens.

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Origami on a monumental scale

Posted March 27, 2012

A review of a lecture I gave at Lafayette Library.

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Origami Math: Computational artists to show off paper masterpieces in tribute to UCSC professor

Posted March 16, 2012

Article about an exhibition I’m in at UC Santa Cruz (along with Erik Demaine, Brian Chan, and a work by the late great Eric Joisel).

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Humble paper becomes high art in hands of East Bay origami master

Posted March 12, 2012

An article about me in my old stomping ground (Silicon Valley)’s paper. There’s a slideshow here (which starts off with a mysterious 10-year-old photo).

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American applied the art for telescope better than Hubble

Posted November 4, 2011

A brief interview with me about origami’s similarity to music and a description of the Eyeglass. (The headline is a bit overstated, I’d say.)

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Origami updated for the 21st century

Posted December 8, 2008

An article and pictures from the British newspaper Metro.

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New York Times: Masters of Origami and Shapers of the Lifelike

Posted May 25, 2008

A review in the New York Times of the “Paper Transformed” exhibition at the Parrish Museum, which includes some of my work.

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Origami Transformed

Posted April 7, 2008

An article about computational origami, with appearances by me, Brian Chan, and Erik Demaine.

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Contra Costa Times, “Physicist leaves artistic paper trail”

Posted October 16, 2007

Writer Jennifer Modenessi interviewed me for our local newspaper group.

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New York Times Magazine, “An Origami Flag”

Posted April 18, 2007

The Times Magazine asked 10 artists to design “green” flags to illustrate Thomas L. Friedman’s cover story. Here’s how I created mine.

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Gathering 4 Gardner 7 Conference

Posted April 3, 2006

This article from the New York Times describes the Gathering 4 Gardner 7 Conference in Atlanta, which featured magicians, puzzlists, mathematicians — and origami.

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In The Fold: Origami Meets Mathematics

Posted December 25, 2005

Barry Cipra’s article for SIAM News appeared in 2001, reviewing some of the work presented at the 3rd Origami Science and Mathematics Meeting in 2001.

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The Sentinel

Posted April 5, 2005

An article in our local paper about my exhibition at the Lindsay Wildlife Museum in 2003.

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Patriot Ledger

Posted December 8, 2004

The Patriot Ledger’s take on the same lecture and visit.

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Boston Globe

Posted November 11, 2004

A nice article in the Boston Globe about the public lecture I gave during my
artist-in-residence at MIT.

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Artist in Residence at MIT

Posted November 10, 2004

In 2004 I was invited to be artist-in-residence at MIT, where I worked with Professor Erik Demaine and taught several workshops on origami composition and design.

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Quark Soup: Beyond the Fold

Posted January 22, 2004

Margaret Wertheim’s column in the Los Angeles Weekly surveys various topics in technology and popular culture. This column talks about technical origami, including work by Hull, Kamiya, Mosely, me, and others.

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