The Truth that even Truthers Deny! Part 2

The horrifying story encoded in our currency!

Our story begins with the $5 bill. It was a clear day, and two towers rose into the sky…

5 dollar bill (1999)

But there was a cloud gathering…it was a shadow of foreboding.

5 dollar bill (2006)

And suddenly, one of the towers was struck near the top! An explosion and cascade of debris!

10 dollar bill (1999)

Then, 20 minutes later, the second tower was struck, about 2/3 of the way up. Another shower of debris, as the first tower continued to burn.

20 dollar bill (1999)

As the fires burned, smoke billowed around both towers.

20 dollar bill (2006)

Now, already, you should realize: this CAN’T be coincidence. Not only does this series show both airplane strikes, it EVEN GETS THE HEIGHT RIGHT on each tower! And it continues…

Both buildings collapse, sending up an enormous cloud of smoke that obscured everything.

50 dollar bill (2006)

The debris settled out, leaving a plume from the rubble that smoldered for days.

100 dollar bill (1999)

And then, eventually, there was nothing at all, except the helicopters circling overhead.

50 dollar bill (1999)

Now, I know some of the more skeptical of you out there might be thinking something like this: “That’s sheer coincidence, nothing more, coupled with a healthy dose of pareidolia.” But to those people I say this: Are you sure that’s the proper spelling of pareidolia? Is that even a word? Or did you make that up? And how likely is it that EVERY SINGLE BILL would fit into this narrative? Or that they’d all be folded in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY? And in ascending value of the denomination? Well, Mister Smarty Pants? What do you say to THAT?

And of course, whatever they said, I wouldn’t be listening, because truth is more important than facts. While you were talking, I would be bathing my mind in the neener-neener-neener-I-can’t-hear-you of calm, steadfast faith in things hoped for and unseen. And those that are seen—because you can SEE THIS with your OWN EYES. But I will not let anyone call me closed-minded. I’m willing to listen, just as long as they don’t try to convince me of something different.

But there’s more. If you still have doubts, I’ve saved my most devastating evidence for last. It required a folding sequence so convoluted, so intricate, that only the most sophisticated origami masters in the world are capable of folding it. It is so complicated that if I showed how to fold it here, it would cause the very internet itself to fold into a tesseract and collapse into the fourth dimension. So I won’t show the folding sequence. But I will show you the result. The clincher—the stunning conclusion—the evidence that THEY don’t want you to see, but that proves the government was behind it all—lies in who they planned to pin this monstrous act upon. Yes, the person that THEY made the fall guy was, in the final capstone act, ALSO encoded into U.S. currency — in the $20 bill, the most common bill in circulation, where he remains to this day (even as his earthly remains get slurped by hagfish and tube worms). And they knew this back in 1999! Click through, if you dare, for the final shocking revelation.

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