Inside the Origami-D’oh! Studio

Origami-D’oh! (J): What you say when the paper rips after 6 hours of precreasing.

It’s fall here in Alamo, and the massive oak tree outside is doing its annual best at burying the Origami-D’oh! Studio in leaves:

Origami-D'oh! studio exterior

I sometimes get questions about what goes on inside the forbidden city here. I think people might imagine robed acolytes scurrying about, some of them preparing rice balls, others swabbing the stone floors, and the remainder carefully collapsing crease patterns under the stern gaze of their mentor. The reality is a bit more prosaic: lots and lots of clutter, which, thanks to the magic of the “panorama” setting on my digital camera, I can now share.

Origami-D'oh! studio interior

It seems remarkable that I can ever find anything that I’m looking for, but I find that with enough rearranging of piles, everything eventually turns up.