Origami Suppliers

The Origami Source

Everyone’s first stop for origami supplies should be The Origami Source, OrigamiUSA’s own one-stop shop for books, paper, and related origami supplies. The Source carries books and paper from around the world, offers a unique file download store selling books and magazines in PDF form, and has friendly and great customer service. Check it out!

Primarily Origami Suppliers

These suppliers are specifically dedicated to origami and offer a wide variety of books, paper, and origami-related materials.

  • Kim’s Crane
    Gordon and Kim Crane sell a variety of origami supplies, including glassine paper and full-size Wyndstone Marble sheets, among other things.
  • Origami-Shop.com
    Nicolas Terry’s store and publishing house includes books and paper, including Origamido paper and own-imprint publications by many of the worlds top and up-and-coming origami artists.
  • Origami-Shop.us
    The U.S. branch of Origami-Shop.com. Similar selection, lower shipping prices.

General Paper Suppliers

These suppliers provide a broad range of artistic papers, many of which are suitable for origami.