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I am regularly asked if I would create video instructions for my origami designs. Sorry, I’m not currently set up to make such videos myself. However, if you’re a videographer and would like to hire me to demonstrate and/or do hand-modeling of folding (something I’ve done several times for commercial clients), please contact me and tell me what you have in mind.

There are quite a few talented origami instructional videographers out there already, whose work you can find on YouTube and other video sites, and some of them have made videos of my work. I do recommend Sara Adams’s channel for good, high-quality origami instructional videos (of many people’s work, not just mine).

If you are interested in creating video instructional videos of my work, please contact me and tell me which work you are interested in. To make it clear which figure you’re talking about, please either provide a web link to its page on my site or specify which book it’s in (you can do both, of course).

In general, for origami that isn’t a traditional design (which is most of today’s origami), one must obtain permission from the artist to post origami videos; see here for details. Even aside from copyright law (and its various disputes), it is basic respect and courtesy to the artist to obtain permission before distributing their work in any form and include appropriate attribution.