Design Challenge 2006

The topic of the 2006 design challenge was a sailing ship. It wasn’t that this topic hadn’t been done before; the symbol of OrigamiUSA is a simple traditional sailboat, and on the complex side, Pat Crawford’s brilliant “Full-Rigged Sailing Ship” is one of the most well-known origami figures in existence. But Crawford’s ship dates from the late 1970s, and we felt that enough time had elapsed (and the techniques of origami design had improved enough) that the subject was due for a new approach.

All photographs are by Gilad Aharoni and are used with permission.

Xander Arena
Xander Arena created this multi-masted sailboat from foil-backed paper.
Brian Chan
Brian Chan folded a kraken attacking a Crawfordian sailing ship—all from a single uncut square of paper!
Sy Chen
Sy Chen submitted two boats; first, a double-triangle sailboat, updating the traditional sailboat concept.
Sy Chen 2
Then a square-rigged ship from Sy Chen, more in the Crawford mold.
Giang Dinh
Giang Dinh’s designs are noted for their fluidity and a totally unique style. It was in keeping, then, that he submitted a figure in which the boat was created entirely as a bas-relief.
Andrea Hawksley
MIT student Andrea Hawksley’s sailboat contained color-changed mast and occupants.
Kenny Baclawski
Kenny Baclawski’s sailboat featured a winged keel—key to the success of any America’s Cup race.
Marc Kirschenbaum
Marc Kirschenbaum submitted a trio of boats, including one from a minimal number of folds, and a ship residing (where else?) in a bottle.
Jason Ku
Jason Ku sent two boats, updating the traditional sailboat and a Crawford-style full-rigged ship with an especially lush, billowing set of sails.
Robert J. Lang
I’ve always been impressed by the delicacy of the masts and spars of sailing ships, so my own effort was a sailing ship in which the sails were furled and the masts and crossbeams revealed.