Design Challenge 2007

The 2007 design challenge was to fold an entire plant from an uncut square. There are many origami plants (you can see several in my own gallery), but nearly all origami plants are either composite, i.e., from multiple sheets of paper, or only partial plants (like a leaf, or blossom). The challenge this year was to fold an entire plant—from a single uncut square.

And the artists rose to the challenge. We had the largest number of submissions yet—31 in all—from the Americas, Europe, and Japan, folding flowers of all types. I was struck by both the variety and beauty of many of the entries: quite unlike anything in the traditional origami repertoire. A key factor in many of the entries was the use of handmade or altered paper (e.g., spliced, backcoated, or precolored paper). But all of the figures you see are still folded from a single uncut square.

All photographs are by Susan Dugan and are used with permission.

Tree by Tammy Dong
Tree by Tammy Dong.
Beta Vulgaris by Will Hartman
Beta Vulgaris by Will Hartman.
Rose by Marc Kirschenbaum
Rose by Marc Kirschenbaum.
Dandelion by Brian Chan
Dandelion by Brian Chan.
Pot of Flowers by Chad Killeen
Pot of Flowers by Chad Killeen.
Common Star Lily by Kenny Baclawski
Common Star Lily by Kenny Baclawski.
Tree by John Montroll
Tree by John Montroll.
Prickly Pear Cactus by John Montroll
Prickly Pear Cactus by John Montroll.
Flower in a Pot by Omar Shalev
Flower in a Pot by Omar Shalev.
Tree Stump by Joseph Wu
Tree Stump by Joseph Wu.
Two Tulips by Sy Chen
Two Tulips by Sy Chen.
Pitcher Plant by Charles Wilson
Pitcher Plant by Charles Wilson.
Violet by Charles Wilson
Violet by Charles Wilson.
Dandelion by Charles Wilson
Dandelion by Charles Wilson.
Anubias by Satoshi Kamiya
Anubias by Satoshi Kamiya.
Romanesco by Brian Chan
Romanesco by Brian Chan.
Tree with Bird by Pasquale D'Auria
Tree with Bird by Pasquale D’Auria.
Flower by Ryan MacDonell
Flower by Ryan MacDonell.
Patch of Grass by Ryan MacDonell
Patch of Grass by Ryan MacDonell.
Orchid Phalaenopsis by Eric Lan
Orchid/Phalaenopsis by Eric Lan.
Fan Palm by Derek McGann
Fan Palm by Derek McGann.
Bonsai Tree by Joseph White
Bonsai Tree by Joseph White.
monterey Cypress by Linda Tomoko Mihara
Monterey Cypress by Linda Tomoko Mihara.
Carrot by Jason Ku
Carrot by Jason Ku.
Black Lily by Takashi Kanazawa
Black Lily by Takashi Kanazawa.
Star Flower by Seth Friedman
Star Flower by Seth Friedman.
Aechmea Fasciata by Robert J. Lang
Aechmea Fasciata by Robert J. Lang.
Crocus by Naoto Horiguchi
Crocus by Naoto Horiguchi.
Lotus by Kyohei Katsuta
Lotus by Kyohei Katsuta.
Flower by Andrea Hawksley
Flower by Andrea Hawksley.
Saguaro by Goran Konjevod
Saguaro by Goran Konjevod.