Design Challenge 2010

The 2010 challenge was: Cars and Trucks. In recent years, we’ve stuck with the natural world, but this year we decied to visit man-made objects. A selection of the year’s entries are shown below.

Chan's Lotus and Lang's Porsche
Brian Chan and I each took on sports cars, with the idea of doing the wheels in a way different from the usual color-changed disks.
Morisue's Stanley Steamer
Kei Morisue’s Stanley Steamer was incredibly detailed and my own personal favorite. (Apologies for the poor photo, which really doesn’t do it justice.)
Kirschenbaum's Model T'
Marc Kirschenbaum also reached back into history for his subject, rendered in his inimitable style.

And a few more pix. If you can provide caption information, send me an email via the contact page.

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