More Skin in the Game

I think we may have the beginnings of a trend! A few years ago, a fan liked my Origamido Koi so much that he had its crease pattern tattooed onto his arm. Well, we have another fan of skin, ink, and origami!. Yesterday Jamie Kruger asked to use the crease pattern of my Songbird, opus 408 for a tattoo; I said yes, and by evening, he had emailed me the result:

Kruger "Songbird" tattoo
Jamie Kruger’s new origami tattoo.

Man, that hurts just to look at it. (The redness, known as “agitation” in the biz, will fade.) But my kudos to Jamie (and Sean, and everyone else who combines their passions of folding and inking.)

And if anyone else is thinking about something like this…I point out that the crease pattern for my Cactus, opus 680, is still available. Just sayin’.