Science Links

This page contains various and sundry links to web pages that combine origami with mathematical or scientific applications. See here for links related to computational origami (software for origami design and analysis). See here for additional links not specifically related to mathematical and scientific origami. Please let me know if you find any broken links or if there are any pages you think I’ve overlooked.

Origami Mathematics

Origami Technology

  • Zhong You
    Zhong You is a professor at Oxford University who specializes in deployable structures and has incorporated origami into several types of device, including heart stents and automotive crash-absorbing structures.
  • Paul Haeberli
    A tutorial by Paul Haeberli on pleated structures.
  • Dr. David Huffman
    The late Dr. David Huffman (of Huffman coding fame) was one of the pioneers of mathematical origami. This page shows some of his work.
  • Simon Guest
    Simon Guest’s explorations of foldable structures.